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Therapy can be compared to renovating a house, you can spruce up one room and focus on one issue or do a top to bottom gut job of the whole house. 

With renovations, you may start with a small project but once you knock down a wall you find that the scope is bigger than you imagined. This can happen with therapy, we come in wanting to work on one thing and as we dive in, we realize how interconnected it is to other parts of our life that could be working better for us.

Also, every renovation has some form of demolition involved that inevitably creates a mess before everything gets put back together. Therapy can feel this way because as we begin to change, we may feel worse before we feel better. The final product is worth the mess though! 

You may have seen a therapist 20 years ago and question why you’d need one now, but likely the renos done to your home 20 years ago could use an upgrade!  You can love and accept your home as is, while also making changes so it functions even better for your life. Making changes doesn’t have to be a critique on the way things are. Just like therapy, we talk a lot about accepting where you’re at now while simultaneously working on improving things for your life. 

At Renovate Psychology, Lindsay and Sherise have tools for projects big and small. So, whether you want to focus on  sprucing up one small area, or you want to take things down to the studs, we’re in. 

We aim to not only be the general contractor who is guiding you through the process, but also teach you the skills along the way so when new projects come up in your home, you have acquired the skills to take them on yourself!

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