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Therapy is a lot like renovating a house, whether the project is big or small, you can love the house while still wanting to make improvements.

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“ Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome”

Brene Brown

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Registered Psychologist
EMDR Therapist

Our authentic path is never a final destination. I believe it is a journey full of roadblocks, detours and speed bumps which help us discover our true self. With you in the drivers seat, my role is not to be a backseat driver, but to help guide you to overcome these obstacles.  The goal is for you to trust your own moral compass to navigate life’s bumpy roads. At times, it may feel like putting the car in reverse to address past trauma. Once the resistance is recognized and released, the path is clear to pursue the life you desire.

I take a gentle and compassionate approach in working with clients and strive to be relational and transparent in building connection. I believe everyone deserves a space to feel seen and heard, as no one is meant to journey through life's challenges alone. It is important to not only be self-aware but to understand  your barriers, as well as emotions, in order to break out of the cycles and behaviours that are not serving your personal growth. Your well-being is the priority!

When not with clients, I spend alot of time with my boyfriend and my Border Collie Ozzie going on adventures. I enjoy slow mornings for drinking coffee and getting lost in a good fiction book. I love cross country skiing, bike rides and being surrounded by friends, family, good food and game nights. Charcuterie is a main food group in my life.

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Registered Psychologist
EMDR Therapist

I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from therapy. The way I see it, is that in therapy it is important to consider the past, manage the present, and strive for the future. For the past, I use EMDR to process the unhelpful automatic thoughts, reactions, and beliefs you have that result from your upbringing and traumas. For the present I focus on strategies to navigate through challenging emotions so they can come and go without knocking you down. And for the future I look at building a life around what matters the most to you, so that when life inevitably throws a bad day your way, you can rest assured that your life overall is still pretty freaking awesome!  

I consider myself a recovering perfectionist. I love working with people who also recognize the burden of excessively high expectations and the need to drop the hustle to prove you deserve a spot at whatever table you are at (spoiler: you deserve that spot).

As for who I am, I like pretty simple things in life. I like standing in a kitchen full of home cooked food with friends and family, jumping off a floating dock in the middle of a lake, singing and two-stepping to some honkytonk heartbroken country music, taking on new hobbies like cross stitching, hand lettering, and squash, watching Rupaul’s Drag Race, and laughing too hard at a good joke (particularly one at my expense)!

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We love helping clients develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges. Contact us today to get a free 15 minute consult and determine if we are the right fit for therapy.

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Virtual and In Person sessions for Sherise Miller
Virtual sessions only for Lindsay Sewall
#203 1802 1st NW Calgary, AB, T2M 2T2

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